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2020 Adjusted Population (Adjusted for Incarcerated Individuals)

Legislative Law section 83-m directed the Task Force to adjust the Census for state and local redistricting purposes by removing Federal and State incarcerated individuals from where they were incarcerated on April 1, 2020. State incarcerated individuals were re-assigned to their residence of record prior to incarceration. Federal incarcerated individuals were subtracted from the state total and are not re-assigned. In accordance with this law, the Task Force will use these adjusted data in the creation of new State Senate and State Assembly districts.

Do NOT use the 2020 Amended Population file for Congressional redistricting. Use the 2020 unadjusted Census data files.

2018 ED to 2020 VTD Equivalency Data

These files identify which 2018 Election Districts (EDs) are within each 2020 Census Voting Tabulation Districts (VTDs).

Supporting documentation is also included

2020 Census, Vote and Enrollment Data (Unadjusted P.L. 94 - 171)

These files include New York State’s enrollment and local Boards of Election data at the 2020 Census tabulation block level, Voting Tabulation District (VTD) level, County Subdivision/Minor Civil Division (MCD) level, County level and Statewide level for 2016, 2017 (NYC), 2018 and 2020 elections using the Census Bureau’s 2020 TIGER/Line Redistricting Data Products.